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Welcome to Goodmans LABB - where our legal experience and expertise help Black entrepreneurs and their businesses succeed and grow.

Goodmans LABB started with the goal to address and work to eliminate the systemic and economic challenges uniquely faced by Black entrepreneurs and businesses in Ontario, Canada. Since 2020, our lawyers have been providing free legal services across multiple practice areas to Black-owned businesses in the province.


We understand that legal services can be quite costly, sometimes prohibitively so, and are committed to helping Black businesses thrive by offering our legal expertise and leveraging the particular skillsets of our lawyers in a focused effort over time.

Commercial Matters

e.g., commercial agreements such as supply agreements, distributor agreements, services agreements, software services agreements, etc.

Intellectual Property

e.g., trademark registration, license agreements, etc.

Confidentiality Agreements

e.g., non-disclosure agreements


of assets, shares, or other businesses


How We Can Help

Incorporation Matters

e.g., incorporating the company, creating the corporate structure

Organizational Matters

e.g., issuing shares, shareholder/founder agreements, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, etc.

Employment Matters

e.g., preparing standard form employment agreements

Assistance Raising Capital/Financing

including government funding and grants

Tax Matters

e.g., tax advice and planning

Real Estate Matters

e.g., negotiation of a lease, etc.

Director, Officer and Shareholder Matters

e.g., corporate governance, D&O liability

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for Goodmans LABB, your business must meet both of the following criteria:
Black-owned Business

i.e., owned/controlled and operated in the majority by individuals (partners, officers, managers, directors, etc.) who self-identify as Black

Legal and existing Canadian for-profit entity currently in operation

i.e., sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation

Eligibility Criteria

Request an Application

Please check back for updates and information about our Fall/Winter 2023 term. To request a notification directly, please click the link below.


For more information about Goodmans LABB, please contact

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